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Chico's Angels plays
at The Colony Theater in Burbank, CA
November 15-18, 2018

Chico's Angels (Kay Sedia, Frieda Laye, Chita Parol & Bossman) will hit the stage at The Colony Theater with their fith epiosde Waikiki Chicas this November 15-18, 2018.
Tickets are on sale NOW!

This special enhanced "episode" - Waikiki Chicas is one hurricane of a case! After Hula dancers have gone missing from Waikiki's hottest night club The Hula Ho.
Kay Sedia, Frieda Laye and Chita Parol go undercover in grass skirts, coconut bikinis and cha-cha pumps to solve the case of the missing Hula Hos.

TO Buy Tickets for Waikiki Chicas at The Colony Theater: CLICK HERE


Chico's Angels Holiday Show
playing in Los Angels & Palm Springs

Chico's Angels are back this holiday season with their cha cha stockings Holiday show Feliz NaviDivas! The show will run in Los Angels and then in Palm Springs!

Chico's Angels in Feliz NaviDivas is the best way to spice up your holiday! Kay Sedia, Chita Parol and Frieda Laye will take the audience
on a magical show with sparkling stories, seasonal music and their own take on classic The Christmas Carol Story or as they would call it: "A Chico's Christmas Carol"

Chico's Angels in Feliz NaviDivas runs in LA at The Cavern Club Theater
Saturday, Nov 24 - 8pm & 10pm
Sunday, Nov 25 - 6pm & 8pm
Tuesday, Nov 27 - 8pm
Wednesday, Nov 28 - 8pm

Chico's Angels in Feliz NaviDivas runs in Palm Springs at Oscar’s Cafe & Bar
Wednesday, December 12th - 8pm
Thursday, December 13th - 8pm
Saturday, December 15th - 5:30pm
Sunday, December 16th - 2pm

TO Buy Tickets for Feliz NaviDivas LA & Palm Springs Shows: CLICK HERE


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Chico's Angels @ 2014 West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
Chico's Angels hosted the Palm Street stage at the 2014 West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval. 

Kay with George Lopez!!  



Kay Sedia @ Long Beach PRIDE 2014!



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Kay Sedia's Appearance on the Sacramento Morning News!


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